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Gas Guns

Oxy Propane Guns

We have become experts in the development of reliable oxy-propane gas gun simulators. These can fire 10 shots per second with a loud report. Their use has so far been confined to simulated machine guns for large scale stunt shows, but are now attracting interest in the field of battlefield simulation and training because the very low running costs, and with none of the disadvantages of blank ammunition. They also have potential applications as special effects props.

A gun simulator flashes as it fires a series of fake rounds.
A set of Smoking Boots gas guns was recently in action at IDX 2017 in Abu Dhabi which included a six-barrelled device capable of firing 60 shots per second! In addition there was a large calibre unit used to mimic the sound of a tank firing.

These gun simulator systems are only made to order. Please contact us to discuss your requirements