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The Team


Alastair has worked with pyrotechnics at a professional level for over 30 years. From small wedding shows up to the International Contest in Macau, from the Duke of Edinburgh’s 70th birthday fireworks display at Windsor castle to pyrotechnics at Legoland for six years and the Battleproms concert series for fifteen years. He has designed and built a range of analogue firing systems some of which are still in use after 20 years.

Alastair’s expertise also covers light mechanical engineering. He has designed and built a wide range of apparatus for spinal injury rehabilitation through Physability and has latterly turned his attention to making a modular racking system for the firework industry.


Jim is a Physicist, Engineer and Pyrotechnician. He has many years of experience designing and building machines and science demonstrations for television and live events. This has included BBC’s Bang Goes the Theory, Richard Hammonds Engineering Connections, as well as Scrapheap challenge and the Genius of Invention. .

Jim also has an in-depth knowledge of electronic control circuit design and microprocessor programming.